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We Are Here To Manage Your Finances With Experience

We are here to educate individuals, families, churches and communities regarding their finances especially as it relates to budgeting, annihilating debt and improving credit!

TMC Package

This packaged is composed of 6 sessions: $490 Session 1: In this 45 minute web…

Budget Analysis

During our web session we will establish your goals, set up your budget as well…

Budget Check-up

Embark on a personalized financial journey with our Spending Plan Session, guided by a skilled…

Myecon Membership

Discover financial freedom with myEcon, your gateway to a brighter financial future. As a comprehensive…

How it works

Four simple steps to start making sense of your finances.



Establish your goals.



Personalized, specific to your cashflow.


Eliminate Debt

Gain financial freedom.


Build Wealth

Leave a legacy.

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